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WestHost is a web hosting company offering various services like domain registration, email hosting, web hosting, WordPress hosting, website builder, etc.

If you are using WestHost, you will not have to find another registrar or host to purchase the domain, create a website and host the same. All the required services for the creation of a new website can be done through WestHost.

What is a Default WestHost Nameservers?

Default WestHost nameservers are the nameservers that are generated by the registrar when a domain is registered with a host.

WestHost nameservers will look like dsn1.westhost.com, dns2.westhost.com, etc. These nameservers allow the clients to set up DNS records, email forwards, and web redirects.

Where Are My Nameservers?

You will receive a welcome mail from WestHost when you register a domain with WestHost. In the welcome mail, all the information regarding the domain name, the validity of the registered domain, and the default nameservers will be included. You can also find the nameservers in the client portal of WestHost.

How To Configure DNS?

To configure the domain DNS records, you must follow the steps given below.

  • First, you must log in to the CH account
  • Click on the Domain tab that can be seen on the left side of the page
  • Then select the Current Nameservers option
  • Now you can access the DNS manager tab
  • Scroll down to see the DNS records
  • You can select the records like DNS A record, CNAME, MX records, TXT records, etc and add the required details as asked
  • Click on Save/Update nameservers once you have finished making the changes

How To Point A Nameserver in WestHost?

Check the guidelines given here to know how you can point nameservers to WestHost.

  • You must log in to the CHI account
  • Then select the Domain tab
WestHost Nameservers: point a nameservers
  • Click on the Domain name for which you want to point the nameserver
  • Click on the DNS option that you can find in the menu at the top of the screen
  • Select the Nameservers option
  • Now add the WestHost nameservers in the fields provided. You can also click on the yellow button which says Reset to Default Westhost Nameservers
WestHost Nameservers: point the nameservers

How To Change Your Name Servers?

In WestHost, you can change the nameservers of your domain very easily through the Client Portal.

  • Log in to the CHI account by entering the credentials
WestHost Nameservers: change nameservers
  • Then click on the Domain tab and then select the domain name for which you want to change the nameservers
  • Click on the DNS tab shown on the top of the screen
WestHost Nameservers: DNS

How To Add Cloudflare To Addon Domains?

You can add Cloudflare to Addon Domain through your CHI account

  • Using your credential, log in to your account by clicking this link
  • You must then select the Domain option
  • Click on the Doman name to add Cloudflare services
  • From the menu seen on the top of your screen, select the Cloudflare tab
  • You will see a few options now and you must select the package you want to add
  • After selecting the package, click on the Checkout button
  • Now the Cloudflare service will be added to your account
  • You must then activate the Cloudflare services
  • Click on the Subdomain Management section and slide the toggle bar to the ON position

How To Add Email Services To Addon Domains?

Add email services to Addon Domain by following the below stated guidelines.

  • Select the Shared Hosting tab
  • Now you should clock on the Domain name
  • Then select the Addon Domain tab
  • Click on Create New Addon Domain
  • You must now enter the details in the fields New Domain, Directory information, and FTP username and password.
  • Now you should configure your domain’s nameservers to point to Westhost
  • Navigate to the Domain section now
  • Select the Addon domain to create the email address
  • Click on the Email option
  • You can add or purchase an email address in this section


For more details regarding various hosting plans and customer support, you must visit the website of WestHost. They also provide various offers to clients from time to time to purchase an affordable domain and web hosting plans.

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