Order hosting from hostinger
Order hosting from hostinger

Order Hosting from Hostinger ✮ Best web Hosting Provider

Hostinger is a web hosting provider which is the best hosting in India used by numerous business people. They offer various Order Hosting from Hostinger plans for clients that will meet the requirements of any kind of business website. 

Moreover, the client can easily register a domain with Hostinger. The best part about Hostinger is that the client does not have to look for any other registrar or hosting providers as Hostinger provides website builders, free domain, and Hostinger hosting plans with different prices and features.

If You Want to Know Hostinger cPanel Login

What is a Hostinger Package?

Order Hosting from Hostinger offers various web hosting packages for the client to choose from. These web hosting packages are called Hostinger packages.

Hostinger Packages

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How do I Order Hosting from Hostinger?

You must purchase a web hosting account from Hostinger. Only then will you be able to host your website through Order Hosting from Hostinger.

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How do I Buy a Web Hosting Server?

Anybody can buy a web hosting server from Hostinger. Click on this link and select the hosting option from a variety of hosting plans. Then choose the package that meets your requirements and click on Add to Cart to purchase. Make the payment and complete the order.

How to Order a Domain Name?

You can click on the link which will let you access the domain search page of Hostinger. In the Domain search area, type the domain name you want to buy. 

Order Hosting from Hostinger | Domain Registration Guide

👉 Then click on the Search button. If the domain name is available, you can purchase the domain name through Hostinger.

How to Set up My Orders at Hostinger?

After your purchase from Hostinger, you will see your order in the dashboard. Go to the home section in your Client Portal and click on the Setup button given against your order.

Then you must add all the information required and your order will be activated.

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How to Host Multiple Websites With Your Hosting Plan?

To host multiple websites with your hosting plan, you need to click on the Add Website option in the HPanel’s section under the Domains.

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How to Check Order Usage Inside My HPanel?

To check the order usage inside hPanel, you should log in to your hPanel account. You can see the statistics bar on the right side.

👉 You can check general metrics details like disk usage, email accounts, inodes, subdomains, automatic responders, etc. Check this link to know more about each detail.

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How to Check Order Usage For My VPS?

In order to check order usage for your VPS, you must log in to your account and click on the Servers tab. Then Select the Statistics option. Then you can select which period you like to analyze, like the last 24 hours or last 1 week. 

After selecting the period you will see six graphics with the main metric based on your plan. You can find the CPU usage, disk usage, bandwidth packets, and more.


Can I Buy Hosting?

Of course, you can buy any hosting plan you like from Hostinger.

Which Domain is Best?

You can choose any domain you like. But your domain name is short, easy to read and spell. Moreover, always keep your domain name unique and avoid double letters and hyphens. Keep .com as the first preference.

How Do I Buy a Web Hosting Server?

Always select the best hosting provider and select a hosting server that will be most suitable for your business website.


To get discounts on various products and services of Hostinger, the client can use the Hostinger coupon code. Hostinger customer care team can always assist their client in solving and issues while registering a domain or hosting a website.

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