How To Access And Nexcess Login in the Client Area

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Nexcess Login

Nexcess login is a Webhosting service provider, which specializes in e-commerce and digital content sharing solutions. This company has nearly 20 years long history in this business.

More than 45,000 websites trust this company with its valuable content. Along with very fast bandwidth, they also offer a very stringent security policy for websites.

This platform encourages rapid development and faster connection with clients. Their control interface is very easy to use and anyone with the least amount of technical understanding can use them.

Here are some vital aspects of the Nexcess login platform that will help you a lot.

How to Access Your Nexcess Cloud Control Panel:-

The Nexcess login Cloud Control Panel is the main location from where you can control various settings of the website including MySQL, Email, htaccess, Backups, Firewall rules, and Statistics. Access this Control Panel is very easy, just follow these steps.

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1.      At first, visit this link

2.      Then enter your registered username and password for Nexcess Login.

Nexcess Login

3.      After login, you will be directed to the Nexcess Cloud account home page.

4.      On this home page, click the “Plans” tab.

Nexcess Login

5.      Now click the name of the service that you want to access.

Nexcess Login

6.      Besides the website name, you will see a hamburger menu. Click it and choose the “Site Dashboard” option.

Nexcess Login

7.      This action will take you to the Nexcess Cloud Control Panel.

Nexcess Login

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How To Create Pointer Domains in Nexcess Cloud:-

Pointer domains are additional domains that redirect the users to the main site. Including the pointer domain in Nexcess login Cloud is very easy. Just follow these

steps.1)     At first, you need to log in to your account and be on the homepage.

Nexcess Login

2)     Next, click the “Plans” tab and select the “Domain Options” menu.

Nexcess Login

3)     On this page, you will see a section called “Pointer Domains”. Click the Green “ADD” button.

Nexcess Login

4)     Now on the panel, you will see a text box for a domain name. Below this box, you need to select the type of pointer domain.

Nexcess Login

5)     After filling in all the details, click the “Add Pointer Domain” button.

How To Change Your Client Portal Password:-

Maintaining a strong set of passwords and changing it frequently is the best way to secure a website. Nexcess offers you to change the password easily from the Control Panel. Follow these steps for changing passwords through Nexcess Control Panel.

1.      At first log into your Nexcess account.

2.     On the dashboard, you will see your name.

Nexcess Login

3.      Click your name and from the dropdown menu, select the “My Profile” option.

4.      On the profile page, you will see the “Change Password section”.

Nexcess Login

5. Here you have to enter your current password, and then you will get the option to set a new password. After filling in the new password, you have to confirm the new password again and hit the “Update Security” button.

How to Become a Nexcess Portal Pro:-

Nexcess has designed its user interface very intuitive. For this reason, becoming a Nexcess Portal Pro is not that difficult. On the main home page of the dashboard, you will see the home screen.

This section of the dashboard shows important information like Call-In PIN, Invoices, Support, Default Payment, Announcements, and Address. In the Corner dropdown menu, you will find easy access to Knowledge Library, API Tokens, SSH Keys, 2-Factor Auth, Settings, etc.

On the left-hand side, you will see the main menu, which has different options like Plans, SSL, Shared Hosting, Billing, Support, etc. Getting familiar with all of these options only takes a couple of minutes.

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How to Contact Nexcess Support?

You can call the Nexcess Support team at this number (866-639-2377) for assistance. Besides this, you can visit this link and email them your queries.

How to Upgrade/Downgrade Your Nexcess Service:-

You can email the Nexcess sales team at this address to upgrade or downgrade your service plan. This team is always available between 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (ET) during Monday–Friday.

You can also call them at this number (866-639-2377) for assistance.


There is no doubt that the cloud interface has changed the digital landscape. Nexcess login is one of the leading companies in this sector.

The cloud computing network is secured with multiple layers of security. For this reason, you can stop worrying about your site and focus more on business development with clients.

This company empowers business transactions in every possible way. So, you can see more profit end of the day.

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