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People who want to host their personal or business websites always look for the best customer Interserver support to guide them all the time.

Well, Interserver has a great customer support team and they offer a variety of hosting plans including shared, VPS, and dedicated hosting packages. Moreover, you can register an inter-server domain with them.

What is the Best way to Get Support?

If you are using Interserver, the best way to get their support is by opening a new support ticket. You can either mail the support team at [email protected] or you can secure an online form at Usually, it will only take half an hour to one hour to get a reply from the support team.

They also have live support which is available via AIM/ICQ/IRC. If you need more details regarding this then you can search at this link.

How to Use InterServer Community Forums?

To use the Interserver community forums, you can check this link. This Community Forum will include messages and questions from various people who use the services and products of Interserver or who are experts in the field of hosting.

Interserve support: InterServer Community Forums

If you want to post a message in the Interserver Community Server you must log in with your username and password. You can read the posts of different people and can even answer their questions.

What is the Interserve Support Phone Number?

Interserver provides phone support to their customers. You can use the Interserver contact number (201)605-1440 or (877)566-8398 (US Toll-Free). You can also check this link to get the numbers of other countries like England, Israel, Brazil, and Mexico.

Interserve contact information.

How to Use Free Support For VPS and Dedicated Servers?

Interserver offers free and paid support for VPS and dedicated servers. Their free support includes system reinstalls and all hardware issues including labor/parts.

Likewise for the dedicated servers and VPS with a minimum of 4 slices with a control panel they have system/control panel reinstalls, all hardware issues, repair of any services that are not functioning properly like the web server, mail server, DNS server, SQL server, FTPS server, etc. For more details related to the free and paid support.

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How to Use Live Helper Chat Web Hosting by InterServer?

The live helper chat web hosting is a service offered by Interserver to their clients. It is a free, flexible, and open-source live support for your website. This feature is available with shared, VPS, and dedicated hosting.

This live support is added to your existing or new website. It is an easy way to support the customers online as this feature will be primarily used by the help desks and the Interserver Support customer service team.

Interserver provides this for free and the client can also select this service with third-party integration and plugins. Click on this link to know more.

How to Submit a Support Ticket?

One way to contact the Interserver support team is by submitting a support ticket. which will give you the option to submit a support ticket in the customer lounge.

Click on the option Submit Ticket. Then you use inter-server login to access your account to fill the support ticket. You will be asked questions that you must fill and submit the ticket. Submitting a support ticket in WHMCS is also possible.

Follow the guidelines given below for that.

  • Login to WHMCS control panel
  • Then click on the Support tab
  • Select the option Open New Ticket from the drop-down menu
  • Fill in the required details in the form
  • You can attach any files if you want and click on the Open ticket button.

How to Contact InterServer Live Chat Support Team?

To contact the Interserver live chat support, you must first visit the website of the Interserver by clicking this InterServer Support Page.

Interserve support Uptime Score Analysis Good

Then you should click on the chat button at the bottom right corner. You can see a pop-up form that needs to be filled with your name, email and click on the Start chat button.

How to Contact InterServer Customer Support without a Client ID?

You do not need a client ID to contact the customer support team using their live chat or by mailing them.

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InterServer Support |FAQs

Do You Offer Phone Support?

Yes, Interserver has phone support.

Where is The InterServer Net Located?

Interserver has two data centers which are located in Secaucus in New Jersey and Los Angeles, CA.

Is InterServer Hosting Good?

Interserve is a good hosting provider which offers affordable and full-service web hosting packages to customers. Interserver hosting reviews can be checked online which are all positive reviews.

How is InterServer?

Being one of the best web hosting providers, clients can acquire reliable hosting at the best rates and it is best for medium traffic websites.


All the hosting packages of Interserver come with the best features that assist the customer in creating and maintaining their websites.

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