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When deciding to enter into the online business world, every business should look for the best web hosting service provider who can make your website online all the time.

So, here is one of the top web hosting service providers, you can consider when thinking about the best. Below you will find basic details regarding Hostinger Nameservers, your domain, DNS, and more.

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What are My Nameservers?

When a domain is registered with a host, you can also set default nameservers or custom nameservers for every domain you register.

The use of a nameserver is to translate the domain names into Hostinger name server IP addresses. As a result, the users can access websites by simply entering the domain name on the web browser.

Hostinger Nameservers

Hostinger Shared Hosting uses the following their Nameservers.

How to I Point to Hostinger?

You can find two different ways to point your domain to Hostinger. This guide is for people who registered their domain with another registrar but want to point to Hostinger. For example from GoDaddy nameserver to Hostinger.

The first way is to change the nameservers at your domain registrar and the second is through pointing your domain via A record.

👉 Steps to point your domain to Hostinger are as follows.

  • First, you should log in to your registrar’s control panel
  • Select DNS Zone Editor from the dashboard. Sometimes you may see this option in the names DNS editor, Domains, My Domains, etc.
  • Click on the Nameservers tab and you will see all the nameserver for your domain
  • Now delete those nameservers
  • Add the new Hostinger nameserver in the space
  • Click on Save/Update Changes.

How to Check My Domain Nameservers?

After you have registered with Hostinger Nameservers, you will have access to your account on Hostinger. Whenever you want to get details of your domain, you can always check your account in the overview.

  • Log in to your Hostinger account by visiting their website
  • Find the Domains tab and click on it
  • Now you will be able to see the domain names you have registered
  • Click on a domain name to see the nameservers of that particular domain
  • You can now see the nameservers.
hostinger nameservers

How to Change Hostinger Nameservers?

To Change Hostinger Nameservers, visit the website of Hostinger and follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Log in to your Hostinger account.
  • Search the Domains tab and click on it.
hostinger nameservers
  • Now you will be able to see the domain names you have registered with Hostinger.
  • Click on a domain name to change the name server for that domain.
  • You can now see the name servers section.
  • Delete the old name server and update it with the new ones.
  • Click on Save to make the changes you have made.

How to I Find My Nameservers?

Once you have finished registering a domain, you might know where you can check your nameservers from your account. Follow the steps given here to find the nameservers of your domain.

  • Access your account of Hostinger.
  • Then click on Account and select Details.
  • Look for the Nameservers tab and click on it.
  • Usually, you can find the nameserver Tab under the Domains section.
  • All the nameservers of your registered domain will be shown here for you to manage your nameservers.

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Which Server Location is Best For Hostinger?

Hostinger has numerous servers around the globe. You can select the one that is in your area to receive some of the best performance.

They have server locations in a few countries in Europe, Asia, North America, and South America. Check this link to know more about hosting plans available in the countries.

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How to Update Nameservers in Hostinger?

Follow these guidelines on how to update the name server in Hostinger.

  • Access your Hostinger account by going to the login page.
  • Then click on the Domains Tab…
  • Now you can see the domain names you have created. Click on the domain name.
  • Click on the Nameservers tab.
  • You can update the nameservers here. You can choose to use the default Hostinger nameservers or you can add your nameservers.
  • After adding the nameserver, click on the Save button.


How do I change my DNS without affecting my email?

You need to follow some steps to transfer your DNS with an outing affecting your email. First, you need to visit the transfer section on the host website and enter your domain name with the
authorization code. Then click on the checkout or complete button once done.

Then edit the Hostinger DNS records by clicking on the arrow near the edit button. You must resolve DNS for your old name servers and the new ones. Now update the nameservers at your old registrar.
Then click the transfer approval link you have received.

How long does it take for nameservers to update?

How long does it take for nameservers to update?

How do I verify DNS records?

Just copy and paste the verification record into the domain settings.


Find more detail on the website of Hostinger Nameservers. where you can see the plans and pricing, domain registration, SSL, and more features.  

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