Gigapros login
Gigapros login

How To GigaPros Login: Hosting Fully Managed With Customer Support

Gigapros login is a platform anyone can use and design to build their business to grow at a much higher level.

With our skills for PHP, MySQL, WordPress, Joomla and Laravel above 90% rate, we promise you a secure journey throughout your Webhosting experience.

Here are some of the steps to know how to log in to WebHostface.

How To Domain register with GigaPros?

When you enter the home page of Gigapros, follow the steps to register a domain:

Step 1: Use this link

GigaPros login

Step 2: A page will open up asking you to enter a domain name of your choice. It will ask you to choose category from the dropdown menu.

GigaPros login

Step 3: Click on the Register a new domain from the many options. Then proceed to write your domain name on the box below.

Step 4: Click on the green Continue button.

Step 5: A message will be shown in green if the domain name is available.

Select the length of time that you want for the domain name.

GigaPros login

 Step 6: Click on the Continue button.

GigaPros login

Step 7: Fulfill all the necessary billing information and click on the Add to Cart & Checkout button.

GigaPros login

Step 8: A new page for registration period and identity form will open up.

Fill the details properly and click on the Update Cart button.

GigaPros login

Step 9: At the end, a summary of your details will be given to you in the next page.

Read all the details and click on Checkout button.

GigaPros login

Your new domain name will be registered with Gigapros login.

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How Do I cPanel Login in GigaPros?

You can login to your GigaPros Cpanel via URL Directly:

Step 1: Go to your browser address bar.

Step 2: Type either https://serverhostname:2083 where 2083 is you port for access or https://site-IP:2083 

Step 3: You can also enter by using your domain name like 

Step 4: Hit enter and you will be logged in to your cpanel.

GigaPros login

How To Webmail Login in Gigapros?

There are two different ways to log in your GigaPros Webmail.

Webmail Log in via direct link:

To log in to your Webmail in GigaPros via direct link,

Step 1: Go to your main home page.

Step 2: Type .

Be sure to replace mydomainname with your actual domain name.

Step 3: A login page will pop up where you need to enter your login email and password.

Step 4: Hit on the Login Button and you will be logged in to your Webmail in GigaPros.

How To Login Client Area in GigaPros?

To access through the client area, follow the given steps:

Step 1: First access the main page of GigaPros

Step 2: Then click on the Sign-in button.

Step 3: You will be presented with a login page.

Step 4: Type your email or username and password on the email and password bars.

How To sign up for the Affiliate Program in GigaPros?

For the Affiliates program, you will find the Affiliates tab right at the end of the Menu options. 

GigaPros login

Click on it and a login box will appear asking for your login details to continue.

GigaPros login

You will find a list of many programs details. Read the carefully and click on the offers you are most interested in. also contact the support team, to have a wider knowledge about the affiliates program.

How To contact GigaPros Support team?

When you first enter the home page of GigaPros login, you will find a Contact option on the menu tab.

Click on it to be directed to a contacts page or simply use this link

GigaPros login

There will be many options for contact. There is also an instant online chat box present to help you 24/7. You will need to input your login details to chat.

Click on the Send Message option to contact.

How Do I Create a Backup Of My Web Site?

To create a backup of your website you can use Full Backups option.

Follow the following steps:

Step 1: Click on the Download or Generate a Full Backup button.

Step 2: Set the following: Backup Destination, where you need to set the location and the choices will be as follows Home Directory, Remote FTP Server, Remote FTP Server (Passive mode transfer) and Secure Copy

Then proceed to adjust your FTP/SCP Settings

  • Email Address 
  • Remote Server (FTP/SCP only) 
  • Remote User (FTP/SCP only)
  • Remote Password (FTP/SCP only)
  • Port (FTP/SCP only) 
  • Remote Dir (FTP/SCP only) 

Step 3: Then, click on the Generate Backup button.

Step 4: The following statement will be shown: “Once the full backup of your account has been completed you will receive an email message to the address you specified EMAIL_ADDRESS”

Step 5: Finally, after you receive the confirmation email, click on the Go Back link. You will see an entry in the “Backups Available for Download.” You can download the backup file at any time.

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Fast and competent support is not an illusory concept when you host with Gigapros.

With our aim to provide excellent service every client inquiry is of primary importance and all of our customers are serviced with care and attention to every detail.

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