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BanaHosting Nameservers | Check DNS Server And Mail, Records

People who want to host their website always look for a reliable web hosting service provider as web hosting is very important these days in business. For making your website live on the internet, you need to host your website.

Bana Hosting is a company that offers various services and products that are related to website creation and hosting. Read this guide fully, to under about BanaHosting Nameservers, DNS records, and more.

What is BanaHosting Private Nameserver?

Bana Hosting Private Nameservers are those nameservers that are created by the client. These nameservers are not associated with the domain registrar. For example, you have a created private nameservers for your domain in Bana Hosting, the nameservers will look like

This means that private nameservers will include the name of your domain and offers a personalized feel. BanaHosting Nameservers will look like

How Do I Choose Nameservers?

Nameservers must be created when a domain is registered. It is the nameservers that connect the URLs with the IP addresses when you search the domain in the web browser.

If you have bought a domain from Bana Hosting, you can either choose to use the default nameservers or can create custom nameservers depending on your requirement. Default nameservers are those created by the registrar and the private nameservers should be created by the client itself.

How Do I Find My cPanel Nameserver?

You can find the nameservers of your domain in three ways. When a domain is registered, you will receive a welcome mail from Bana Hosting which will consist of all the required information regarding the registered domain and its nameservers.

You can check your nameservers in your welcome mail or you can check your nameservers under the domains section by logging into your Client Area of BanaHosting. The third way is to find your BanaHosting Nameservers using cPanel. Follow the steps given below.

  • Log in to the cPanel account. You can also launch cPanel through the client portal of Bana Hosting.
  • Now click on the Server Information which can be found under the General Information section
  • A new page that displays will have an overview of your domain and nameservers.

How Do I Find My DNS Records in cPanel?

  •  Log in to the cPanel account
  • Click on Zone Editor under the Domain section
BanaHosting Nameservers
  • Select the domain name to see the DNS records
BanaHosting Nameservers
  • Click on the Manage button which will give you the details regarding DNS records of that particular domain

How to Check DNS Server and Mail?

To check the DNS server of your domain, you can either find them through your client account of BanaHosting Nameservers. You can also check it through the WHM panel.

  • Us the WHM username and password to log in
  • Click on the DNS Function
BanaHosting Nameservers
  • Select Edit DNS Zone
BanaHosting Nameservers
  • Select the domain name for which you want to find the nameserver
  • Click on the Edit button
BanaHosting Nameservers
  • You can check the nameservers here

👉 Steps to check Webmail BanaHosting

  • Log in to the WHM account first
  • Select the Mail log option. The complete Mail Log details will be shown on the screen
  • Then you will be given information like day traffic summary, message reject details and several more.

How to Configure DNS Nameservers with cPanel?

The first step to visit the cPanel client account. Then follow the steps given here to access the DNS records and make changes by editing or arranging the records of your domain.

  • Select the Zone Editor option which can be seen on the dashboard
  • Now you can see the DNS records which are A record, CNAME, TXT, MX, and more
  • You can edit these records here easily by choosing one record from the drop-down menu
  • Then you can add the hostname, IP address, etc in the fields given to update the changes
  • Click on the Update button after making the changes to save it

How to Configure Custom Nameservers in cPanel?

Custom nameservers are those nameservers created by the client to personalize the domain name. Using custom nameservers means that you have control of your domain and this becomes easy for the process of changing the server as you don’t have to change the configuration.

  • Log into WHM account and click on Basic WebHost Manager
  • Enter two domain names in the fields provided at the bottom of the page
BanaHosting Nameservers
  • Then click on the Configure Address Record button given next to each nameserver
  • Confirm that the IP address is the same as the cPanel server
BanaHosting Nameservers
  • Then you must inform the registrar regarding the DNS server’s domain names.


Who enforces the DMCA?

WIPO – World Intellectual Property Organization enforces the DMCA.

What happens if I get a DMCA notice?

You should check the details given on the notice regarding the file, and delete that. Otherwise, according to the seriousness of the file, you may be charged a penalty.


You can experience the best customer support from BanaHosting Nameservers in resolving any issues. Different plans and packages for hosting are available to choose from to suit your needs.

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