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A2 Hosting Support

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A2 Hosting is being used by a large number of customers to host websites. For any doubts or queries, customers can easily contact their support team or can open a ticket with the query.

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What are the Pre-Sales Contact Us?

A2hosting has a great support team to guide you through all times. If you have any queries before buying a hosting package or registering a domain, you can always contact the pre-sales customer support team.

If you are a new follower, you can fill a form with your name, message, and other details. Nevertheless, if you are an existing customer of A2Hosting, then you can open a new ticket.

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How to use the A2 Hosting Customer Portal?

To use the customer portal of A2 Hosting, you must follow the given steps.

  • Visit the website of A2Hosting
  • Then click on the Secure Client Login button which is given in the section Manage Your Account
A2 Hosting Support: Customer Portal
  • Now you can see the login page where you can enter the email address and password
A2 Hosting Support: login
  • For the  browser to save your login credentials, then  tick the box that says Remember me
  • Click on the Login button and you can use the A2 Hosting customer portal.
A2 Hosting Support:

How to Work With Tickets On the Customer Portal?

You can easily open a ticket on the Customer Portal of A2 hosting in a few simple steps.

  • First, you must access the A2 hosting login and log in to the client portal
  • Then click on the Open ticket tab which can be seen on the menu bar
  • Select which type of ticket you want to open like support, sales, billing, or migration
A2 Hosting Support
  • After selecting your desired option you will see a few questions where you can select the nature of your inquiry
A2 Hosting Support
  • Then click on the Next button
  • Now fill the Subject and Message box
  • You should specify a temporary administration password and affected domain if you are applying for a technical support ticket
  • Click on the Submit Ticket button

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What Software and Solutions Do A2 Hosting’s Servers Support?

A2Hosting ‘s servers support different software and solutions like SQLite, MIDI files, Symfony PHP framework, PL/pgSQL, Zend Optimizer, SourceGuardian, and many more. You can have a look at the details of A2Hosting.

How to Contact A2 Hosting Via Call?

You can either use their toll-free number – 888-546-8946 or call on their direct line which is +1 734-222-4678. These numbers will connect you to the US, but if you want to call the support team in your specific country, then check the contact details. a2 hosting support number

The A2 Hosting customer support is available free of charge and has a toll-free number. A2 Hosting Support Number is 888-546-8946.

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How to Chat With The A2 Hosting Support Team?

You can find out the possible contact options through which you can get in touch with the customer support team of A2Hosting.

Mailing Address

To chat with a customer support staff, you must click on the Chat with us button that can be seen in the Live Chat Section.

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How to Use Live Chat Support?

To use the Live Chat support, you need to press the button that says Chat With Us in the Live Chat section which can be found on this Website. When you click on it a message box will appear on the screen.

You must fill in the details like your name, email, department which you can select from the drop-down menu. You must also fill in the support PIN and ticket ID. Moreover, you should select an option from the drop-down menu stating what service-related query you have.

You can also find a section where you can write a message regarding what help you need from the support team. Click on the Start Chatting button at last.

A2 Hosting Support: Live Chat support


Does A2 Hosting Have Phone Support?

Yes, A2Hosting has phone support. Customers can either call their toll-free number to their direct contact number depending on the location of the customer.

What is A2 Hosting Server?

A2hosting, founded by Mr. Bryan Mithig is a popular web hosting provider. Their hosting plans are easy-to-use and high-powered. Moreover, their turbo servers offer 20X faster page loads.

Is A2 Hosting PCI Compliant?

A2Hosting does not support PCI compliance. But if the customer can use a third-party shopping cart application programming interface.

Is A2 a Host?

A2Hosting is a web hosting provider and clients can use any of the hosting packages from A2hosting to make their website available on the internet.


A2Hosting offers excellent support service to its customers. If you can find support FAQs that are related to shared hosting, reseller, VPS, Managed WP, and dedicated servers.

Moreover, they have included general FAQs along with other quick help topics that you can read.

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