A2 hosting nameservers
A2 hosting nameservers

A2 Hosting Nameservers: DNS Management | Change Domain Name

Understand the details about A2 Hosting Nameservers and how to set the name servers for a domain to point to A2 hosting by reading this guide.

If you have any plans to start a website, you need a domain for that. When you take a domain you need to set your domain’s name servers. Hosting is very essential for a site to be successful.

What is Nameserver?

The server element of the Domain Name System (DNS) is called the Nameserver. These nameservers help in connecting URLs with the IP address of web servers.

A2 Hosting Nameservers

It is an important part of the DNS which most people call the phonebook of the internet.

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How does A2 Hosting Nameservers and DNS Management System Works?

It is essential to use the default name servers to manage DNS settings using the A2 Hosting. When you enter the domain into the web browser, the browser you use will look up to the Nameservers to lace the website.

The A2 Hosting Nameservers will be retrieved. Now your browser uses the A2 Hosting Nameservers to look up the IP address for the website.

A2 Hosting Nameservers

Your browser will get the IP address as a response. The browser then transmits a request to reach the particular page you want to view. The A2 Hosting Web Server will send the demanded page to your browser where the website is hosted.

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What are A2 Hosting Nameservers?

If you already have a nameserver, you can change your existing name server using your A2 Hosting account. If you are currently using a custom nameserver, it is not possible to manage Domain Name System settings using the A2 hosting.

When you set a nameserver with A2 hosting, you get an A2 hosting nameserver, below I have mention A2 Hosting Nameservers:

  • ns1.a2hosting.com
  • ns2.a2hosting.com
  • ns3a2hosting.com
  • ns4.a2hosting.com

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Where can I find my Nameservers?

Open the browser of A2 Hosting and sign in to your account. You can view your nameserver details on the A2 Hosting Portal which is https://my.a2hosting.com/.

All the nameservers and the IP addresses are listed in the product details of every product.

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How to change Nameservers from Godaddy to A2 Hosting?

It is possible to change your nameservers from Godaddy to A2 Hosting by following these simple steps given below.

  • First, Log In to your Godaddy Domain Control Center. The Provide the username and password.
  • Now select your domain to access the Domain Settings page.
  • Select Additional Setting and you can see a drop-down menu
  • Select Manage DNS
  • Now in the Nameservers section click Change
  • You can now see a few options to choose from. Those options include:
  • Connect my domain to a website I’ve built
  • I want to use GoDaddy default nameservers
  • Enter my own nameservers
  • After selecting one of the above options Click on Save/Connect
  • Now check the box which is next to Yes, I consent to update Nameservers for the selected domain.

How to Setup A2 Hosting VPS Nameservers?

To set up A2 Hosting VPS Nameservers first Log in to the customer portal

  • Click My Domains to locate the domain and click the icon
  • On the left sidebar, you can see Nameservers. Click on that
  • Type the Nameservers you want in the Nameserver text boxes
  • Click Change Nameservers

How to Change a Nameserver for other Domains?

Changing a Nameserver for other domains is also simple and it does not take much time. The process of changing the nameservers is almost similar to every domain.

Visit the Domain Control Center you are using. Log in to your account and access the domain settings page. Select Manage DNS and from the Nameservers section click change.

Choose the nameserver you want and click on Save.

How to Order a Hosting Package from A2 Hosting?

 Follow the steps given below to order a web hosting package from A2 hosting

  • Visit: A2 Hosting
  • On this site, Click Shared Hosting which can be seen on the top banner
  • Click on Get Started. You can also select the package you want from here
  • Now, you can select the domain option from the following option given on the site.
  • Click Continue. Now a Configure page will appear on the screen
  • From the Choose Billing Cycle list box, select the billing cycle according to your convenience
  • Select any additional features you want under the Configurable Options. 
  • Select the program you want to install in the Auto-Install Application list box to automatically install an application for your new account. You can also set that to none if you do not want the auto-install feature.
  • Click Continue
  • A Review & Checkout Page appears on the screen
  • Click on Checkout
  • A new Checkout Page appears
  • Now under the Payment Details, select the payment method
  • Check the box – I have read and agree to the Terms and Services
  • Click Complete Order


We are sure that you have a clear understanding of A2 Hosting Nameservers and how to change the Nameservers to other domains as well.

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